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Schools adjust to construction
-- Ashley Sloboda, Journal Gazette

Indiana: May 13, 2018 -- This school year hasn't been the nightmare New Haven High School Principal Anna Murphy feared. Construction has forced some teachers to relocate, has taken over the gymnasium, created parking issues and made the building noisier – particularly in hallways temporarily without ceiling tiles.

Arkansas Senate: State approves $42 million in school construction aid
-- Bruce Maloch, Magnolia Reporter

Arkansas: May 13, 2018 -- The Arkansas Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation Commission has approved more than $42 million in state aid to local school districts for new construction and repairs to keep schools safe, warm and dry. About $3.2 billion have been spent on 2,453 projects since 2006. The state has provided $1.34 billion of that amount and school districts match the funding, at a rate that depends on their locally generated wealth.

Southern Cayuga school district to put up planetarium renovation project, budget for vote
-- Kelly Rocheleau, Auburn Pub

New York: May 12, 2018 -- The Southern Cayuga Central School District hopes voters will approve efforts to get its planetarium up and running again. Community members will be able to vote on a capital improvement project aimed at renovating the Southern Cayuga Planetarium, on Tuesday. The district's 2018-2019 budget will be up for voting as well.

Communities dig deep to pay for school building projects
-- Adam Sexton, WMUR

New Hampshire: May 11, 2018 -- The debate over state funding for school building projects will likely be a major campaign topic in the 2018 election. Communities across New Hampshire are struggling to deal with the consequences of the elimination of a program that many of them relied on to pay for needed school upgrades. In Newmarket, taxpayers are digging deep into their own pockets to overhaul the junior-senior high school, which dates back to the 1920s.

Bethel Elementary Schools Renovation to get Help from State
-- Rich Kirby, Bethel Patch

Connecticut: May 10, 2018 -- The state legislative bodies both approved a grant that will pay for 45 percent of the $65.8 million renovations to Rockwell and Johnson elementary schools. Residents voted overwhelmingly to approve $140,000 for preliminary work on the proposal to renovate Rockwell and Johnson elementary schools back in March 2017. The Rockwell school was last renovated in 1977 and the Johnson school was last renovated in 1980.

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